Oct 01 2007


Aikido combines the challenge of a serious martial art with a profound practice centered around peace (aikido can be translated as “the art of peace”). If you don’t know what aikido is, check out entries for aikido on wikipedia or youtube.

Victoria Family Aikido is a private dojo for teenagers and adults in Victoria, BC, Canada. Our permanent dojo is small, but has top-quality judo mats for safe practice. Training is focussed, regularly scheduled and continuous. New students are welcome, but are required to complete an informal interview process.

Victoria Family Aikido belongs to the Aikikai Foundation as an independent dojo under the technical direction of Kazuo Igarashi Shihan of Igarashi Dojos, Hashimoto Japan. All training and gradings are recognized internationally by the Aikikai Foundation.

For more information, please contact the chief instructor: conrad[put the little ‘at’ symbol here]astandingwave.com

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